• frame the challenge correctly for discovery of unexpected solutions
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  • deeply empathize with all stakeholders in the system to reveal human needs
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  • harness diversity in co-creation of solutions to build acceptance and enthusiasm
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  • iterates for fast cycle learning innovation problem solving
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Design Thinking can help you in many ways—identifying growth avenues, imagining more possibilities, improving team commitment and performance, driving action. CT&Co. diagnoses what is needed and designs an approach to help you get there.

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CT&Co. has expansive experience leveraging the methods and mindsets of Design Thinking. Check out some short stories of successes with others.

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Cindy frequently shares her POV and perspective on what is happening in business and with design thinking in short, action oriented posts. You can explore what she has been saying or subscribe to follow as she publishes.

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Subscribe to Cindy’s blog, IGNITING GROWTH for ideas, THOUGHT STARTERS and INSPIRATIONS to ignite your team and yourself on this journey.

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They said about Cindy...

Roger Martin, Author, Strategist and Professor at The Rotman School of Management, said about Cindy

Cindy Tripp is a rare figure in our world. There are very few, if any, people on the planet who have been able to engineer the transformation of a 100,000--person global corporation from design-agnostic (or downright design-unfriendly) to design-intensive. Cindy didn't do it alone – but make no mistake about it: it was her job.


Julie Elkus, Director of Innovation and Design, CCHMC, said about Cindy

In a very short period of time, Cindy transformed a group of individuals into an enthusiastic team working together to generate new solutions. Participants left the training knowledgeable and energized.


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The Cobbler: Barefoot No More!

Monday, September 18, 2017


The Role of Detractors!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Innovation is change by its very nature and so it brings out energy, both positive and negative. The positive energy is from all the people who get excited about the possibilities.  But, there may be as many people who harbor negative energy...your detractors.  You might think they are in the way of your success.  That reaction is natural.  I suggest another way to think about them....they are yet another help to your success. ..

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