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The key strength of Cindy Tripp & Company is that it integrates the imagination and empathy of design with the practicalities of business in a way that can help a business deliver results now and in the future. This ability to balance the ideal future with the here-and-now is unique in the consulting industry. Also, the facility to titrate back between design divergence and business discipline is also unique.

Cindy Tripp

Cindy Tripp helps bridge the two worlds of design and business so that both contribute more fully to outstanding results today and in the future. The methods and mindsets of designers are valuable to the uncertain and volatile world of business. Business Leaders today must consider the past, present and future, not just analyze the past. Imagination. Empathy. Discipline. These things must co-exist and the healthy tension that results can help propel business, organizations and individuals forward. Today growth is not just optimizing on the past. Especially in developed markets, that advantage has been tapped. You have to stretch beyond the past to leap into the future. Growing today is by design. Cindy Tripp is experienced in how to help you make that leap.

& Company

& Company is a critical part of the why Cindy Tripp & Company, LLC is equipped to help you do this. We understand that we don’t have your answers....that you have them. We simply help you tap into your brilliance and creativity, as well as your technical knowledge to see opportunities previously missed. We provoke and coach and push and cajole, empathize and challenge and lead and support you as you see the possibilities for growth, whether that growth objective is share, new offerings/markets, productivity, or employee satisfaction and engagement.

Cindy Tripp & Company works with you and your talent, and when needed, brings in talent from Cindy Tripp’s extensive network to ensure that you are “growing by design.”

Who is Cindy Tripp

Cindy Tripp

Cindy Tripp is a leader at the forefront of business, establishing new ways to achieve stronger results as evidenced by her establishing the practices of Design Thinking and Communications Planning at Procter & Gamble, Inc. (NYSE: PG), as well as propelling forward P&G’s marketing strategic thinking in Branding, Targeting, Insights Activation and Word of Mouth throughout her 24 years.


Cindy's Business Philosophy

I believe that people have much greater potential than they typically demonstrate in their work. This represents untapped creativity and productivity, potential that can stimulate a business to achieve great things.

I believe that business needs to recognize that people are more than their job; and to ignite them, you need to respect their entire being. To contribute to the business fully, they need to take care of their own health and wellbeing and that of their family’s.

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