The key to seeing breakthrough opportunities is to move beyond simply understanding a problem analytically to developing deep empathy for the person you are serving.  To see them first as a human being with hopes and fears in life, in a larger context than your category. Then, only then, will you see the opportunities where your category might be of use to her.

Empathy Unlocks Team Synergy

Situation Talented Global Design Leadership team in a Fortune 500 business was stalling in the impact it was having. Each leader was driving their own agenda and priorities and the synergies from being a global organization were not being realized.

Mind Opening Empathy:  Rewards systems reinforced their behavior despite good intentions to be global. The team first needed to see each other’s good intentions and to have empathy for what they each were being asked to do in their respective roles. Once this empathy was in place they were able to imagine the opportunities to make an impact from working together, envision that future and develop a plan, both business and organizational, to that met their individual needs as well as the global ones.

Result:  Through coaching, design thinking visioning and strategy sessions, Bob Schwartz, General Manager, GE Healthcare Global Design & User Experience, was able to lead the team to establish a common vision and plan and to reorganize to deliver both their individual priorities and the global opportunity. The organization’s impact was noticeably increased and valued by their business partners.

It's Not About Performance

Situation Category leader was losing ground to local competitor, despite superior performing products.

Mind Opening Empathy:  Competitive users were seeking more than performance in their product choices... they wanted products that help them overcome their mundane life, that were experiential and fun to use, “magical” even.  In fact, they diluted the superior product because it was too good.

Result:  Implemented a new innovation strategy that delivered record growth for 3 years running, make this region of the category the top global performer.

Respect Matters

Situation: Despite superior products and many failed attempts to grow the business, the share leading brand had faced 15 years of steady decline.

Mind Opening Empathy: Our messages to the female head of household were insulting to her and lacked understanding and empathy for how she showed love for her family.  Her hands and the work she did with them were her expression of love.

Result: Communication was evolved to be meet her where she was and to respect and honor her actions for the family.

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