Solutions only work if people engage and buy into them.  Having people help in solving issues that relate to them and building their curiosity to learn and explore is powerful and can lead to unexpected rewards.

Sustainability Strategy

Situation: A Fortune 500 company achieved its 10 year sustainability strategy in less than 5 years.  Clearly it was not stretching enough.  Furthermore, its strategy had come under attack from sustainability watch dogs, etc. for not doing enough.

Mind Opening Empathy:  The strategy had been designed for “do less harm” but in reality the end game was “to do good”.  With that reframe of doing good, there were many exciting and stretching opportunities for the employees to support and deliver.

Result: A new strategy was deployed globally and within 5 years, a dramatic reduction in company footprint was delivered.  In fact, 45 plants worldwide had moved to zero waste and in some cases were creating useful products out of the waste.  A remarkably different result versus the original strategy of “less harm”.

Cross Category Scale

Situation: A large multinational company with a wide array of brands was frustrated with how little cross-category scale was delivered.  What were the advantages of being multi-category if you could not activate it?

Mind Opening Empathy:  Employees were passionately trying to deliver on the cross category scale ideas but were thwarted by the infrastructure and P&L lines of demarcation.  They were beginning to give up.

Result:  The management team prototyped various organizational structures and received feedback from employees on what would help.  This led to insight on what was required for meaningful cross-category scale.  With this insight, the company stepped forward on a 20 year Olympics sponsorship, with the supporting infrastructure in place and has seen positive results from the first of several Olympics.

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