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Cindy Tripp & Company - Sunday, June 11, 2017

As I sit watching Princeton's Elite Basketball Camp and my son play, I am reminded of Duke's Coach K saying that "most people fail because they fail to prepare."

Preparation is a simple concept but so difficult for athletes and business people, because inherent in preparation is delayed gratification.  And, who in this modern age of "I want it now!" wants to have to wait or to exhaust themselves in preparation?

The past few weeks, I have spent some time with a client "preparing to succeed".  We took something that others might be wanting to do in an afternoon and spent sometime preparing--spending time with our consumers and thinking about their needs before we talked about our brand and its needs.  And, we discovered some new possible avenues.

Preparation is being willing to invest time upfront so that the fruits of your labor are sweet.

Are you willing to prepare?


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