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Cindy Tripp & Company - Friday, October 13, 2017

What does it mean to be part of “The P&G Family”?

Nearly 30 years ago I said yes to my job offer at P&G. My motivations were purely ambition related…to start my career at the world’s best marketer to launch my professional self.  I had several other offers at the time, but I was drawn to P&G because 1) you could only go there at the beginning of your career; and 2) it was the best.  Those rational motivations were true, but they don’t really cover the real value of being part of P&G.  I learned very quickly that my values and P&G’s values were aligned.  I saw that ‘doing the right thing’ and ‘doing things in a manner that was right’ were at the heart of P&G’s success.  Commitment to people was in the veins of P&Ger’s worldwide across nationalities, genders, religions, race.  And in this environment, I thrived.  My five-year plan ended up being 24 years until one day I was ready to step out into the world beyond P&G’s border.  I have no regrets.  Yet, I did not fully realize until I left that P&G was more than a job.  When I left, I was still connected, because P&G had become part of my family.  Not only colleagues with whom I collaborated daily but others who I barely knew or perhaps only really met after P&G.

As I attended the Alumni Events this week I was reminded how lucky I was in 1988 to be drawn to P&G and receive this gift of being a part of the P&G family.  The people I grew up with in my professional life have coached me, learned from me, inspired me and achieved great things both in and out of P&G.  While we might all joke from time to time about being “Proctoids” it is with great pride I claim my seat in the P&G Family Room. I am proud of being part of P&G’s past success and hopeful for P&G’s future as a company that does the right things in the right way to build the win-win.

Who are my P&G family? They are people

  • with passion
  • with vision and a commitment to envision the future
  • willing to put in the work to lead forward
  • with humility and curiosity to learn and listen and ponder
  • with strength and courage to do the right thing even when it is not easy or necessarily what Wall Street demands
  • who believe in people and help them deliver their best
  • of integrity and who are able to trust in one another
  • who are dear to me for they have made my life richer

It is truly a special thing to be part of the P&G family.  So, as I reflect on this week with many former colleagues, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the gifts that P&G has given us all.


Take Action

Reflect on a community that you are a part of. What gifts has it given you?  What gratitude do you have?  Tell someone in that community what they meant to you.  I had that opportunity this week at the Alumni Event and it was such a positive experience.

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