In today’s connected world, solutions have to fit into a broader system.  For the people you serve, it must fit into her whole life.  You need to see her broader story and how thing interrelate in order to see breakthrough opportunity.

Productive Work Environment

Situation: During the work week, half the office spaces/cubicles were left unoccupied, making the global services team question if they had too much capacity or perhaps the wrong work space capacity.

Mind Opening Empathy:  Exploring the modes of work that today’s globally connected, networked employee needs, the team realized that there were more than 5 modes of work  in today’s workplace, but the work space was only designed for 2 of them.  In order to get their work done, employees needed to leave the office.

Result:  Employees helped prototyped new modes of work and the needed work spaces with the architectural firm. This was then prototyped on a floor in the current building for additional learning.  And, then, iterated again for the final design in the new office building under construction.  The employee feedback has been outstanding and productivity strong.

Flexible Work Options

SituationDespite offering many flexible work options designed for working women, very few women took advantage of them.  Furthermore, women were leaving the company faster than men, but continuing to work afterwards, just for other companies.

Mind Opening Empathy:  The culture of the organization was one where there was a stigma attached to flexible work arrangements that made them “untouchable”.  They were seen as “off ramps” with no “on ramps” later.  What if we mainstreamed flexibility for all and normalized it?

Result As part of annual work planning, all employees, male and female, also reviewed their work schedule and flexibility needs for the coming year, making it more normal to take advantage of the options.

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